♦ Kroman Steel Industry Inc. was established in June 25, 1966; to produce semi - finished and finished iron and steel products and trade.
♦ In October 1985, the management of the company Kroman Steel Industry Inc was transferred to the Yücel Boru Company Groups and is still producing in the Gebze Osmangazi region, in total 300.000 m area with the indoor facilities having 60.000 m2capacity.
♦ Kroman Steel is manufacturing by two electrical arc furnace having 85 tonnes of capacity in 78 MVA power and having 50 tonnes of capacity in DC and 36 MVA power; a 15 MVA powered crucible furnace having 90 tonnes of capacity and six strand continuous casting machine and its total annual capacity reaches to 1.100.000 tonnes. 
♦ In the Rolling plants, 80 – 160 NPU, 100 – 160 NPI and 90 – 120 mm sized equal angles are manufactured and the annual capacity is about 100.000 tonnes. 
♦ G§  . In the manufacturing stages of both steel plants and Rolling plants, chemical and mechanical tests are conducted with the modern tools and in this way, the TSE, DIN, ASTM, BS, EURONORM and other international standards of the products released to the market are provided. 
♦ With its improving quality approach, Kroman Steel has an important place in the iron and steel market with its future Technologies and quality investments.